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Full-spectrum CBD oil means that ALL the cannabinoids (over 100!), terpenes, and flavonoids are extracted from the whole hemp plant as opposed to Broad Spectrum or Isolate CBD products, where some get eliminated. These compounds each bring unique healing powers to the table. As nature designed it, they work together synergistically to provide optimum health benefits by using the whole plant- this is called the entourage effect.


CANNABINOIDS (CBD, CBG, CBN) are chemical compounds found in the flower and leaves of cannabis plants (hemp and marijuana). Over 120+ exist in the hemp plant, but CBD is the most studied, so far, with CBG and CBN not far behind.


CBD (Cannabidiol) – There is scientific evidence that CBD contains therapeutic benefits to treat ailments like PSTD, anxiety, inflammation (acne, arthritis, gout), insomnia, epilepsy, appetite loss, nausea, and pain relief when taken correctly. 


Other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plants are not as plentiful as CBD, but they have a purpose, and science tells us not to underestimate them. 


CBG (cannabigerol) mainly works well for the bone, pancreas, liver, spleen, and immune systems. It has exhibited the potential as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective. It has shown promise for treating glaucoma and as a cancer fighter by slowing cell growth and shrinking tumors – as proven in one study.


CBN (cannabinol) comes from THC and turns into CBN once it's heated or plant-aged in THC. Out of all the cannabinoids, CBN is known for its sedative effects, which can help treat sleep disorders, even though hemp plants contain no more than 1% CBN. It may also be a potent antibacterial that one day could replace anti-biotics. 


THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is known for its psychoactive effects – the weed that gets you "high" – but it is also believed to have extraordinary medicinal benefits. Laws restrict the research it deserves because the marijuana plant has low levels of CBD and high levels of THC (whereas the hemp plant has high CBD levels and low levels of THC), but the laws might be changing soon. 



Terpenes are mostly known for the distinct flavor and intoxicating scent found in plants, fruits, and herbs. They trigger our senses to feel pleasant emotions - think lavender or rosemary. There is evidence they can change the way CBD and THC interact with receptors in the body to provide health benefits. 


Here are some examples of the different types of terpenes found in the hemp plant:

Limonene has a refreshing citrus scent and antibacterial functions.

Linalool is mostly known for lavenders strong scent and relaxation qualities. 

Myrcene is the reason hemp tastes earthy and grassy while also providing anti-inflammatory results.

Pinene is responsible for the delightful smell of pine trees that makes you want to take in a deep breath. It makes sense that it is used to open bronchial tubes related to breathing problems.

Nerolidol has a faint scent but a strong ability to ward off fungus and bacteria. 

Humulene has an earthy and woodsy smell and can suppress an appetite, quite the opposite of what cannabis is known to do.



Cannabinoids and terpenes risk evaporating in seconds during the extraction process because of the intense heat. Jack's Swing Oil uses a hot air technology (Flash Extracted™️) to drive hot air through the hemp plant material and distill the cannabinoids off the plant. The vapor is re-condensed into a concentrated oil quickly and effectively.

Vaporizing is the cleanest, safest, healthiest way to consume cannabis.  Vaporizing something is not new, but capturing it out of a moving air stream is new. Our extraction lab has 39 patents around the core technology that includes flash and vapor extraction - the different machines and methods used.



The hemp plant is known for "cleaning the soil," it likes to absorb metals and other things not healthy for us. So much so that it was employed to clean up contaminated soil after the Chernobyl nuclear plant explosion. 

We use organically grown hemp planted in soil that is free of synthetic fertilizer and pesticides.



Our full-spectrum oil is rich in cannabinoids at 50 mg per dose, thanks to our flash extraction™️ process.

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