The CBD Oil Extraction Process Determines The Quality of the Product, and Here's Why

Once cannabinoids get extracted from the hemp plant, they must endure intense heat to activate their superpowers. The extraction process is tricky because cannabinoids live on the plant's exterior, enclosed in the trichomes, and terpenes are embedded deep in the plant. Therefore, you risk losing the treasured cannabinoids if you burn down to grab terpenes. 


Many CBD companies tout their extraction process, and for a good reason, it matters. The following extraction methods are the most commonly used in the cannabis industry:


Hydrocarbon based solvents like propane and butane pull quality cannabinoid and terpene profiles from hemp and produce good tasting oil. It's an efficient process but challenging because it requires a lot of machinery to safeguard against the highly flammable solvents. Some companies are known to cut corners by not using pure hydrocarbons, which means nasty chemicals make their way into the extract.


CO2 is a compressed gas and is the most widely used extraction method today as a solvent-free alternative. But, it is costly and doesn't do a great job of extracting cannabinoids. It's a weak solvent with little solubility over cannabinoids, which means it takes more power, time, and effort to draw cannabinoids out of the plant. 


Ethanol is a safe solvent and approved by the FDA. It does an excellent job of binding to the cannabinoids and terpenes, but it also picks up chlorophyll and other undesirable compounds in the plant. There are workarounds for this, but it makes the extraction process tricky and susceptible to error. 


Scientists and engineers are looking for other ways to extract cannabinoids and THC to preserve the compounds and create a more potent cannabinoid oil concentrate. 


At Jack's Swing Oil, we source our CBD oil from Vapor Distilled Extraction Lab, an emerging leader in extraction processes with 30+ patents for its technology.


Vapor Distilled uses heated air instead of solvents with their patented Flash Extraction™️ method to preserve the natural compounds. The hemp plant feeds into a heated, turbulent air stream where cannabinoids and terpenes are (nearly) instantly distilled from the plant material to produce higher potency full-spectrum extracts with vastly superior terpene content. 


Other extraction methods must add additional terpenes after extraction to reach the levels of a Flash-Extracted oil. Vaporizing is the cleanest, safest, and healthiest way to consume cannabis. 


Cannabinoids are oil-based, and because humans consist of 80% water, there is a challenge in successfully mixing the two. Currently, the most effective way to ingest CBD oil is under the tongue (hold for at least a minute) and straight into the bloodstream.


New technologies are emerging to make CBD water-soluble and more bioavailable. Vapor Distilled created a solution for this problem with their patented Ionized CBD oil; a CBD extracted concentrate converted into SALT that completely dissolves in water. 


It's an ultra-bioavailable solution that rapidly absorbs cannabinoids into the bloodstream. 


The diagram below shows how it works in the body:


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