There is a Right and Wrong Way to Take CBD

How you take CBD determines how much will make it into your bloodstream to give you the most effective results. This is called bioavailable.

Orally consuming CBD has the LEAST chance of unleashing its full potential because it's difficult for CBD to reach the bloodstream fully intact after battling stomach acid and liver enzymes.

Aside from vaping or a nasal spray, the most effective way to take CBD is through the tiny capillaries surrounding the tongue and cheek. This can be done by placing CBD oil under the tongue and holding it for at least a minute to absorb it directly into the bloodstream. 

Cannabinoids are oil-based, and because humans consist of 80% water, there is a challenge in successfully mixing the two. Currently, the most effective way to ingest CBD oil is under the tongue (hold for at least a minute) and straight into the bloodstream.

New technologies are emerging to make CBD water-soluble and more bioavailable. We use a patented technology to solve this problem where a CBD extracted concentrate is converted into SALT that completely dissolves in water. 

Jack's Swing Oil's Ionized products use this technology to create an ultra-bioavailable solution that rapidly absorbs cannabinoids into the bloodstream. 


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